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A few weekends ago I sat down with Lee Hoffman, CEO of Veri at TechStarsNYC headquarters during a gathering they were having for the outgoing crop of TechStars companies. (That’s what all the noise is in the background). Many thanks to Dave Tisch and his terrific team for setting this all up and accommodating us.

Lee is a very talented guy who is a both a developer and designer and I jokingly like to say that he and Reece Pacheco are part of a burgeoning “Brown University Mafia” that has descended in NYC of late. I not only learned a lot about Lee’s trajectory as an entrepreneur and about his extraordinary vision for Veri but unwittingly he ended up giving us all a master class on entrepreneurship through the telling of various stories of startups he was involved with and mistakes that were made. He’s someone who has definitely been through thick and thin and he really shares openly about a decade filled with ups and downs. No doubt he learned a ton along the way. Just listen to the story of how he got into TechStars. You also have to hear what he has to say about the influence his TechStars mentors had on his company.

So there you have it- Lee is now working on his magnus opus- Veri- a wikipedia for learning. Enjoy.

:16 – What is Veri? Making learning into a big online game.

1:43 – How Lee got into tech. and beyond

2:36 – The stories begin! A decade of adventures in startupland… Listen to this Master Class!

5:23 – The revelation of the lean startup paradigm, Eric Ries, etc.

5:56 – The genesis of Veri

7:15 – How he got into TechStarsNYC. A story of true hustle- 75 reasons in 75 days

7:46 – The day everything really clicked- Gary Vaynerchuk’s pep talk

8:46 – What did the TechStars experience mean for Veri?

9:53 – What’s happening with funding?

  • Pearljam50

    impressive lee,,,,congrats!